Twin-stick shooters have been a staple of the gaming world since the late 90s, offering fast-paced action and addictive gameplay. In this review, we will take a journey through the evolution of the genre, starting with the classic Future Cop LAPD, exploring modern games like Space Punks, and finally discussing The Machines Arena, an exciting new addition to the genre on the Ronin blockchain.

Future Cop LAPD: The Beginnings

Future Cop LAPD, released in 1998, was one of the earliest twin-stick shooters to gain widespread popularity. Set in a dystopian Los Angeles, players assumed the role of a pilot of the X1-Alpha, a police mech designed to combat crime in the city. With its engaging gameplay and intuitive controls, Future Cop LAPD laid the groundwork for future twin-stick shooters.

Modern Twin-Stick Shooters: Space Punks by Jagex

Fast forward to today, and the genre has evolved significantly, with numerous titles showcasing advanced graphics and refined gameplay mechanics. One such game is Space Punks by Jagex, a loot-driven twin-stick shooter that combines the best aspects of the genre with a unique comic-book art style. Players can team up with friends and traverse various planets, battling hordes of enemies and collecting powerful weapons and upgrades along the way.

The Machines Arena: A Web3 Innovation on Ronin Chain

Taking the genre into the world of blockchain gaming, The Machines Arena is a new twin-stick shooter built on the Ronin chain. The game offers a unique blend of fast-paced action and strategic gameplay, with players battling in arena-style matches while also managing resources and upgrades.

The introduction of The Machines Arena to the Ronin chain is particularly noteworthy, as the platform has struggled to attract games to its ecosystem following the Ronin Bridge hack. While Polygon managed to avoid a similar fate despite suffering a hack of comparable value, Ronin has had a more challenging time rebounding. However, the high quality of The Machines Arena could mark a turning point for the platform, potentially attracting more games to Ronin in the future.

Available on the Epic Game Store, The Machines Arena not only brings the excitement of twin-stick shooters to the blockchain gaming space but also showcases the potential for web3 integration within the genre.


One of the standout features of “The Machines Arena” is its intuitive and easy-to-learn gameplay mechanics. Players can choose from a variety of machines, each with unique abilities and strengths, and use them to push the cart.

The game’s controls are responsive and smooth, making it easy to navigate around the arena and engage in intense battles. The graphics and sound effects are also impressive, with detailed machine designs and explosive effects that add to the overall excitement of the game.

“The Machines Arena” also features a PvE mode called “Deathrun” that takes players through a series of increasingly difficult waves of enemies. The objective is to progress as far as possible while upgrading weapons and abilities to keep up with the challenging foes.

“Deathrun” is a roguelite mode that encourages players to adapt and strategize on the fly. After completing each wave, players earn currency that can be used to purchase new weapons and upgrades or repair their damaged machines. However, players must also conserve their resources and manage their health carefully since death means starting over from the beginning. This creates a sense of tension and excitement that keeps players engaged throughout each playthrough.

The challenging nature of “Deathrun” makes it a satisfying and rewarding experience for fans of roguelite games and PvE gameplay. It’s a great mode that complements the game’s PvP mode by offering players a different type of action-packed gameplay. The emphasis on upgrading weapons and strategic decision-making makes “Deathrun” an excellent addition to “The Machines Arena

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In Conclusion

Twin-stick shooters have come a long way since the days of Future Cop LAPD. With modern games like Space Punks pushing the boundaries of the genre, and innovative titles like The Machines Arena incorporating web3 technology, the future of twin-stick shooters looks brighter than ever. As more developers and platforms like Ronin continue to explore the possibilities within the genre, gamers can look forward to an exciting array of new twin-stick shooter experiences in the coming years.

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