In the ever-evolving landscape of gaming, where innovation is the key to success, MetaXSeed emerges as a groundbreaking Layer 1 (L1) gaming platform. With its unique approach, MetaXSeed sets itself apart from existing platforms with a few key distinctions they are leaning into.

Gaming Ecosystem:

MetaXSeed is a Layer 1 ecosystem, signifying a leap beyond conventional Layer 2 solutions. Unlike other gaming blockchain platforms that often rely on Layer 2 scalability solutions, MetaXSeed takes pride in being the foundational layer, offering a different take on how blockchain can power a gaming ecosystem.

At the core of MetaXSeed’s architecture is a powerful node that drives the backend processes. This node serves as the backbone, ensuring a robust scalable infrastructure capable of handling the demands of a dynamic environment.

One Click Onboarding:

With seamless one-click onboarding, individuals can access over 30 studio games on both PC and mobile platforms. The integration of an invisible web3 ensures a user-friendly experience, while an impressive 60% of ad revenue will be distributed to players every 24 hours. The ecosystem operates on a single utility token, XSEED, serving as the driving force behind the entire platform, covering gas fees, as well as facilitating currency transactions for NFTs, nodes, and RWA.

MetaXSeed Gaming onboarding

By consolidating their digital currency into one token, MetaXSeed is poised to offer a more cohesive and integrated experience. This unified token strategy is expected to foster a different dynamic than what has been traditionally observed in gaming ecosystems, potentially leading to increased accessibility, enhanced user engagement, and a stronger community around their games. The impact of this approach could set a new precedent in the digital gaming world, particularly in how in-game economies are structured and experienced by players.

MetaXSeed Gaming Utility

The Games

Having spoken with the team at MetaXSeed, it’s clear that their strategic approach to game development is both calculated and ambitious. Initially, MetaXSeed is set to launch a series of hyper-casual gaming titles. This initial phase is designed to generate revenue and establish a firm footing in the gaming industry. Following this, the plan is to broaden their portfolio with cross-play titles that seamlessly integrate mobile gaming with low-end PC platforms, offering a more expansive gaming experience.

MetaXSeed Gaming

The long-term vision of MetaXSeed is particularly exciting: they aim to shift their focus towards developing higher-end AA/AAA games, utilizing the advanced capabilities of Unreal Engine 5. This step will mark their entry into the realm of big-budget gaming, showcasing their commitment to delivering cutting-edge gaming experiences.

Node Sale Launch: When, Where, And How?

The anticipation for MetaXSeed’s gaming node sale is building, with the official date yet to be confirmed. However, there are strong indications from MetaXSeed that they might kick off the sale quite imminently, potentially in the next few days, around the start of next week. For those eager to participate and stay updated on this exciting development, it’s crucial to keep a close eye on MetaXSeed’s social media channels. Make sure to follow their accounts, which are linked at the bottom of this article, and crucially, turn on notifications.

With pricing strategies aligned closely to those of its competitors, MetaXSeed is positioned for significant attention and rapid growth, especially considering that it’s launching under far more favorable conditions. This competitive pricing, coupled with improved market circumstances, sets MetaXSeed apart, ensuring it stands out in the gaming and digital asset ecosystem. Such an approach not only demonstrates MetaXSeed’s keen market awareness but also signals its potential for quick adoption and popularity among users.


In conclusion, MetaXSeed’s innovative strategy of owning both the Layer 1 (L1) infrastructure and the Intellectual Property (IP) distinctly sets them apart within the ecosystem. This unique approach, combined with their tactical plan to initially release hyper-casual gaming titles, positions MetaXSeed not just as a game developer, but as a holistic creator of a gaming experience. Keep an eye out for upcoming discount referral codes, which could offer a fantastic opportunity to get involved with MetaXSeed’s promising venture.

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