Since its inception, Madden NFL has been one of the most popular sports games, offering football fans an unparalleled gaming experience. The game allowed players to immerse themselves in the world of NFL, building their ultimate teams and competing in head-to-head matches. Now, the gaming landscape has evolved, and Mobile gaming has taken a significant leap forward. We saw it first with Madden coming to mobile with successful entries and now with the introduction of a new Web 3 version called “NFL Rivals” from Mythical, the makers of Blankos the future looks bright for NFL on mobile.

NFL Street: A Brief Overview

NFL Street was to Madden what NBA Street was to the NBA, it combined the traditional Madden NFL experience with the arcade-style gameplay of the Street series. The game’s street-style football setting allowed players to create and control their custom teams, executing spectacular moves and competing in unique environments.

The game featured iconic NFL players, and users could unlock and upgrade their rosters, participate in live events, and engage in strategic gameplay to outsmart their opponents. With its addictive gameplay and deep customization options, Madden NFL Street captivated millions of players worldwide.

The Emergence of Web 3 Gaming: NFL Rivals by Mythical

Web 3 gaming has been gaining traction in recent years, thanks to the integration of blockchain technology, decentralized finance (DeFi), and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Recognizing the potential of this new gaming paradigm, Mythical, the creators of the successful Blankos game, have partnered with the NFL to develop NFL Rivals.

NFL Rivals is a groundbreaking Web 3 adaptation of Madden Mobile with some Street style elements, offering an enhanced gaming experience while leveraging the benefits of blockchain technology. Players will be able to earn, trade, and own unique in-game assets as NFTs, giving them real-world value and ownership.

Key Features of NFL Rivals

Player Ownership and Tradable Assets: In NFL Rivals, users will have true ownership of their in-game assets, including players, jerseys, and collectibles. These assets will be tokenized as NFTs, enabling players to buy, sell, and trade them on various marketplaces, bringing an unprecedented level of user engagement and economic incentives.

Play&-Earn Mechanics: NFL Rivals will introduce play-&-earn mechanics, allowing players to earn in-game rewards, such as tokens or NFTs, by participating in matches, completing challenges, and engaging with the community. This creates a more immersive and rewarding gaming experience for users.

Decentralized Finance Integration: The integration of DeFi into NFL Rivals will offer players various opportunities to monetize their in-game assets, such as staking, lending, and borrowing. This will create a dynamic, decentralized economy within the game ecosystem. Surely Ultimate Team with added ownership makes sense?

Enhanced Customization and Immersive Gameplay: NFL Rivals will build on the success of Madden NFL Mobile by offering improved graphics, more in-depth customization options, and an immersive gameplay experience that will keep players engaged for hours on end.


The passing system in NFL Rivals is truly innovative and impressive, requiring players to drag the cone and marker to ensure the ball reaches the intended target. This feature provides a satisfying feeling when completing passes. While the gameplay is enjoyable, the running can feel a bit sluggish at times. It would be great to see faster players and more substantial hits on defense, but who wouldn’t?

While NFL Rivals offers an engaging experience with its innovative passing system, it currently lacks the option to play defense or provide a drive chart for the opposing team. Including either of these features would significantly enhance the game’s overall experience. Additionally, the developers could further embrace the street style of the game by incorporating some outrageous skill moves to make the game even more entertaining. Adding backyards, car parks, and arenas from NFL Street would be an exciting way to ramp up the fun factor and deliver a truly unique gaming experience. Overall, implementing these features would elevate NFL Rivals to the next level and make it an even more enjoyable game to play. People have been crying out for another NFL Street, give it to them.

Potential Issues

While NFL Rivals has garnered a lot of positive feedback, one potential cause for concern is with Mythical Games itself and its private blockchain. Unlike open blockchain networks, Mythical Games retains the right to close off user accounts for any violations, which could result in users losing access to their in-game assets and funds.

Unfortunately, there have been instances where users were locked out of their accounts for more than two weeks without any explanation, leaving them in the dark about the status of their assets. As such, it’s important for users to be aware of this potential risk and take necessary precautions to protect their investments. It remains to be seen how Mythical Games will address these issues and maintain the trust of its users moving forward.

Another potential issue with NFL Rivals is the geographical restrictions of Uphold, which serves as the primary wallet and exchange platform for the game’s in-game currency. Unfortunately, Uphold is limited to a relatively small number of countries, and the platform requires extensive know-your-customer (KYC) verification procedures before users can use the wallet. This could create a significant barrier to entry for some users, especially those living in countries where Uphold isn’t available. To address this issue, the developers may want to explore alternative wallet and exchange options that are more widely accessible and less restrictive in terms of KYC requirements. By doing so, they can ensure that all players, regardless of their location or financial situation, can participate fully in the game and benefit from its unique features.


With the introduction of NFL Rivals, Mythical has taken Madden Mobile and NFL Street combined them and added the power of Web 3 technologies. The passing mechanic is well refined and if the rest of the game gets the same treatment it will be the best NFL experience on mobile. As we eagerly await further updates of NFL Rivals, it is clear that the future of gaming is here, and it is powered by Web 3.

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