• The Bornless playtests pick up massive Steam
    In the ever-evolving horror FPS genre, where creativity knows no bounds, a captivating game has emerged on Steam and Epic, that beckons players into a world of boundless possibilities and uncharted demonic realms. This game, known as “The Bornless,” has been picking up a lot of traction, as players worldwide helped it soar to the top of the Steam Free to play Trending Upcoming tab. TAGDesk has covered The Bornless previously, back when the game was on Unreal Engine 4. Since then the game has seen major improvements including an engine upgrade to Unreal Engine 5. The article, titled “A … Read more
  • “My Angry Yakuza Girlfriend”: A Tale of Love, Violence, and Power in a Turn Based World
    MAYG is a turn based game that is heavy on lore, and really sets the stage for the world it’s characters are fighting in. “My Angry Yakuza Girlfriend,” presents an immersive narrative that intertwines love, violence, and the relentless pursuit of power. Embark on an extraordinary journey alongside Miki-San, a captivating character who embodies both opulence and unyielding determination. Meet Miki-San: An Unlikely Heiress Allow us to introduce you to Miki-San, a woman whose life embodies a compelling duality. Born and raised amidst the grandeur of Tokyo’s high society, specifically in the illustrious Ginza District, Miki-San has been nurtured in … Read more
  • The Dawn of a New Era in ARPGs: The Emergence of 77-Bit
    The gaming industry is no stranger to innovation and evolution, and the Action Role-Playing Game (ARPG) genre is no exception. From the seminal Diablo series through to the celebrated indie title, Hades, the ARPG genre has transformed significantly over the years. And now, in an age where blockchain and web3 technologies are revolutionizing gaming, a new contender has entered the arena – 77-Bit, a Web3 ARPG Rogue-lite game playable directly in your browser. The ARPG genre has a rich history. It began its journey with Blizzard’s iconic Diablo series, which first launched in 1996. Diablo was a trailblazer, popularizing real-time … Read more
  • The Evolution of Lane Battler Card Games and the Rise of The Nemots
    Since the dawn of the digital era, the landscape of gaming has evolved rapidly, offering gamers an expansive variety of genres to choose from. Amid these, one genre has consistently intrigued players with its combination of strategy, luck, and skill — Lane Battler Card Games. These games, which blend traditional card game mechanics with strategic elements of a board game, have evolved considerably over time, giving birth to iconic titles such as Might & Magic: Duel of Champions, SolForge, Urban Rivals, Yu-Gi-Oh, and the latest entrant, The Nemots. A journey through history takes us back to the early stages of … Read more
  • The Evolution of Real-Time Strategy Games: From Age of Empires to the Blockchain-Based Blocklords
    Real-Time Strategy (RTS) games have been captivating gamers for decades, offering complex challenges and engaging stories set in a wide array of universes. From the historic kingdoms of Age of Empires to the futuristic interstellar colonies of Starcraft, the RTS genre has continuously evolved, making its mark on the gaming landscape. Today, a new player enters the arena, bringing innovative blockchain technology into the fold – BlockLords. The First Herzog Zwei, released for the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis home console in 1989, holds a significant position in gaming history, being recognized by IGN as “arguably the first RTS game ever” and … Read more