Golden Tides emerges as an exhilarating pirate-themed MOBA like game, beckoning players into an awe-inspiring escapade across the enchanting Archipelago of Golden Tides in pursuit of genuine treasures. We take a look at their upcoming mint and take an in depth look at their characters.

What is Golden Tides? Adventure MOBA?

Golden Tides is a pirate themed Adventure MOBA where players embark on a journey to seek real treasures in the vast, multicultural Archipelago of Golden Tides. Players from all over the world join different crews and set sail to the unknown to challenge their survival and teamwork skills. The game offers an immersive online multiplayer experience that combines strategy, adventure, and social interaction. Players can form crews, participate in thrilling sea battles, and hunt for treasure!

Upcoming Golden List Sale

Survival MOBA Golden List

We at TAGInk are thrilled to announce our participation in the upcoming Golden List Sale, a not-to-be-missed event for enthusiasts and collectors alike. Scheduled for March 14th, the private sale offers an exclusive opportunity for early access. Following closely, the general public sale on March 15th opens the doors to a wider audience. This sale offers a unique opportunity to access exclusive Gen-1 skins, serving as a gateway to both immediate and potential future rewards. These skins are not just exclusive in nature but could also pave the way for additional benefits, enhancing the overall gaming experience.

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Core Gameplay Mechanics:

Check out the above stream from Stache over on his YouTube! He gives a good breakdown and then showcases the games combat and exploration.

🏴‍☠️ Character Selection and Reward Collection: In this Adventure MOBA, players select characters and join free-play servers to start collecting rewards like in-game items, special heroes, and loot. Progressing further, they can acquire ship NFTs, unlocking access to PREMIUM servers. These exclusive servers offer higher stakes and more substantial treasures, adding an intense level of strategy and excitement to the game experience.

🚢 Formation of Crews and Loot Shares: Crews are formed when three players join a captain on a ship. The captain, owning the ship’s NFT, sets the treasure shares on the Job Board, offering four different share distribution options, ranging from 7/1/1/1 to 4/2/2/2 for the captain/crew. Players can apply for a 2-share or 1-share role, paying 200 or 100 $DOUBLOONS, respectively. If not accepted, the $DOUBLOONS will be refunded, adding a thrilling risk element to the game.

⚔️ Survival in Treacherous Seas: In this MOBA type game, mastering survival skills is key. Players risk losing some items from their inventory if defeated in-game, adding a layer of challenge and strategy. Victories are rewarding, with spoils divided among the crew based on treasure-shares and a predefined loot order.

Heroes of the Game:

Golden Tides boasts 12 core main characters, known as Heroes. Each hero harbors a distinct cultural background, a compelling storyline, special abilities, and weaknesses, as is standard in any MOBA. As the primary characters of the game, these heroes offer players the chance to immerse themselves in adventure and emerge victorious.

Five Heroes Revealed So Far:

– Harrison the Banished Pirate

Born of royal lineage, Admiral Harrison Harbinger commanded the marines of Treasure Atlas, before becoming the most infamous pirate to sail the Archipelago of Golden Tides. Now known simply as the Banished Pirate, he sails the seas carrying the weight of his past regrets. He seeks atonement through slaying monsters that threaten the sea’s peace.

Once tasked with training his nephew, the Human prince Konix Harbinger, in combat and maritime affairs, Harrison’s strict militaristic style fostered resentment in his pupil. The arrogant and short-tempered Prince developed an unhealthy obsession with besting his uncle and, time and time again, would fall to the Admiral’s sword. Discouraged, the prince abandoned Harrison to join the Human-Beast War.

The Admiral spent years at sea chasing the prince, finally reaching the young man as he faced the King of Beasts in the final throes of battle. As the Prince aimed to deliver a killing strike, Harrison blocked his former apprentice’s blow. The battle fell still and silent as the Admiral made it clear that peace was the objective, and the prince’s merciless act would only prolong the war.

Enraged, the prince aimed his sword at Harrison and the King of Beasts. With both sides watching, the Admiral defended himself and felled his nephew with a single pistol blast. Although devastated, the Human king still showed mercy to the man who had brokered a peace treaty at the cost of his son’s life, sentencing his brother to a lifetime of servitude and banishment instead of death. Admiral Harrison Harbinger was forced to abandon his name and any claim to the throne.

Now driven by the sentence imposed upon him by his king, he sails with precision and determination. Feared by enemies on both land and sea, and even though he seeks absolution from his own guilt the Banished Pirate shows little mercy to his adversaries.


Mariners Momentum

  • Damage an enemy with Flintlock Shot, Lunge, Reposte, or Flintlock Blast will cause your next basic attack to critically hit, dealing additional damage.


  • Swing your sword, up to 3 sword swings in a combo attack.


  • A single long ranged pistol shot dealing moderate damage.


  • Dash through the battlefield with your sword raised, dealing moderate damage to all enemies hit.


  • Assume a defensive stance for 2 seconds, poised to block an incoming melee or ranged attack. Upon successfully parrying, unleash a swift Riposte, slashing through enemies in a line and dealing moderate damage, demonstrating your unyielding resolve.

Flintlock Blast

  • Unleash the power of your flintlock, releasing a short-range burst capable of inflicting low, moderate, high, or critical damage on all enemies hit, as the explosive force overwhelms anyone caught in its path.

Pin & Fire

  • Drive your sword into the ground, forming a zone that slows enemy movement, and follow up with a devastating explosive shot targeted over the affected area, dealing high damage.

– Captain Ashar Sharp

Captain Ashar Sharp is a Shark Beast, a race known for their endless and bloodthirsty quest for territory. Although he is motivated by the traits of his race, he is the best example of them—intellectual, strategic, and educated. The Captain has made a name for himself as one of the most vicious pirates of the Archipelago and one of the most successful as well.

Once a cabin boy aboard his father’s ship in the Human-Beast War, Ashar was washed ashore to the Salvage Ape Mangroves and was raised in their technologically advanced communities. It was among the ever-expanding mangroves that he learned there was more beyond the hunt for blood. However, it was obvious he would never fit in amongst his ape companions. His nature would drive him to pillage, and after his theft of one of the apes’ precious scrolls, he was sentenced to have one of his hands amputated. To Ashar, this was a small cost to bear for the item he managed to smuggle away.

When he made his way back home, he realized his newfound scholarship put him at an advantage over the other Shark Beasts. Ashar’s interest in foreign weaponry, his knowledge of maps and navigation, and his thirst for more education meant that he was able to successfully navigate greater stretches of the Archipelago than any of his Beast forefathers. He quickly rose in their ranks to become the captain of the Jolly Jaws, a ship nearly as notorious as its captain.

Captain Sharp believes that the reunification of the Beast Nations is how the Sharks are destined to rule everything in their corner of the world. He has an ever-growing bounty on his head for the weapons, blueprints, and treasures he has looted in pursuit of his goals. He continues to learn and grow, delving deep into the power of the mages, poring over the histories and military strategies of the Sea Elves, researching the differences between the natural magics of the Beasts, and studying the eternal cores of the Undead. Ashar strategically learns how each race’s strengths can be used for and against him. His knowledge makes him a formidable and fearsome opponent in battle.

Each piece of knowledge helps him find map segments and precious artifacts as he works to accomplish his goal. With each additional discovery, he draws closer to finding the home of the Titan of Nature and the power to bring all the Beast nations back together. He seeks the Map Maker to help him fill the gaps on the piece of map he currently possesses.


Blood Scent

  • When an enemy accumulates  stacks of Bleed, empower your chase with a % movement speed boost while moving towards the afflicted target. This passive ability ensures relentless pressure and ruthless pursuit of wounded enemies.


  • Unleash your predatory instincts with every third attack, raking the enemy champion and applying 1 stack of Bleed. This passive ability enhances your offensive capabilities, leaving foes weakened and vulnerable.

Shark Bite

  • Unleash your ferocity with a devastating bite attack at melee range. Deal with a moderate physical damage to the enemy, with an additional 10% damage increase for each stack of Bleed on the target.

Hamstring Sever

  • Ashar strikes his target, severing their hamstring and causing a severe reduction in movement speed for a short period. Applies one stack of Bleed.


  • Unleash a torrential wave, sending forth a piercing projectile. On impact, the enemy  suffers moderate damage and becomes afflicted with Bleed.


  • Teleport to a target location and reappear with astonishing speed. However, be cautious, as you become vulnerable to damage immediately upon reappearing. This ability offers exceptional mobility but requires precise timing and careful positioning to minimize risk.

Rising Tide

  • Unleash the force of the ocean, creating an AoE slow zone. Enemies caught are slowed down and can’t jump, leaving a big advantage to the opponent.

– S.H.U.D

Once, S.H.U.D. (“Suddenly He Understood Death”) existed solely to enact the evil will of the Titan of the Deep. Captured by wizards during one of the titan’s bloody campaigns, S.H.U.D.’s mindless ignorance transformed into empathy and humanity as he bonded with his captors. Despite his terrifying appearance and origin, S.H.U.D. has developed inherent goodness.

Long ago, the creatures that made their home beside the thermal vents of the ocean floor were drawn to the pulsing power of the Titan of the Deep. There, S.H.U.D. and his siblings morphed from aquatic bodies into humanoid minions, mindlessly powered by Deep’s wrath, collecting mortal souls to feed their master’s strength.

After centuries of refinement, S.H.U.D. and his kin evolved into formidable agents of the abyss, striking fear into the hearts of all who encountered them. As the power of the Titan of the Deep continued to swell, he was finally freed from his rocky ocean prison, unleashing devastation and despair upon the world. In the midst of this chaos, Deep and his creatures faced their greatest adversary—Tralzan, the wizard, and his crew.

Tralzan and the other wizards slaughtered the aquatic minions in droves, but S.H.U.D. was captured and bound with enchanted chains, preserved as a specimen for study. Tralzan’s apprentice, Zee, was entrusted with the responsibility of caring for S.H.U.D. and guiding him to understand the emotions that drive mortals. Concepts such as pain, fear, loneliness, and heartache were introduced, gradually softening S.H.U.D.’s nature and forging a bond between him and his captors.

In a desperate bid to vanquish the most perilous of all the titans, Tralzan and his crew made the ultimate sacrifice, offering their lives to reseal the Titan of the Deep beneath the unforgiving depths of the sea. Their souls became intertwined with various artifacts dispersed to the farthest reaches of the world.

In the climactic moments of the battle, S.H.U.D., driven by determination, shattered the wooden boards that had bound him, freeing himself to rescue his friend, Zee. Together, they emerged as the sole survivors of the final confrontation. Although Zee wished to liberate S.H.U.D., the enchanted shackles could not be removed without Tralzan’s power.

Navigating the aftermath of the battle-scarred realm, S.H.U.D. and Zee embarked on a journey that took them to uncharted lands as they sought the scattered remnants of Tralzan’s soul-infused artifacts. With each artifact they unearthed, Zee’s mastery over breaking enchantments grew, earning him the title of Soulbinder.

Meanwhile, S.H.U.D. found himself torn between his innate connection to the abyss and the newfound humanity he had acquired. Each treasure offered a chance to restore Soulbinder and S.H.U.D.’s fallen comrades and help his brethren evolve.


Flow of the Current

  • As S.H.U.D. deals damage with spells and basic attacks, he gains a stack of Flow of the Current, increasing his basic attack damage by a small amount per stack, up to 8 times. Stacks drop off after 3 seconds out of combat.


  • S.H.U.D. unleashes a wide-arc swing of his anchor, cleaving enemies in front of him for moderate damage.


  • S.H.U.D. spins his anchor in a circle, dealing high damage to all enemies within range.

Anchor’s Away

  • S.H.U.D. hurls his anchor in the target direction, damaging enemies in its path. While the anchor is lodged, he can move freely. Upon reactivation, SHUD retrieves the anchor, knocking and stunning enemies hit for a short time.

Prison Reef

  • S.H.U.D. slams his anchor, summoning a coral reef that slows enemies and silences them after a short amount of time.

Corporal Punishment

  • S.H.U.D. creates a moving zone around himself, transferring 70% of damage taken by nearby allies to him while gaining a shield based on the number of allies in range. Reactivating the ability ends it early.

Great Divide

  • S.H.U.D. executes a powerful overhead swing, creating a spirit wall from the deep that can be used to strategically divide the battlefield.

– Blackjack

Blackjack is a mysterious and enigmatic figure, known for lurking in the shadows and remaining just out of view, seemingly dancing in people’s blind spots. Despite being the most expensive mercenary in the world, no one truly knows who she is. She is willing to gather intelligence, eliminate government officials, or carry out any task, no matter how dirty or dangerous, as long as she is compensated adequately.

Little is known about Blackjack’s origins, and she is a master of keeping her past hidden from the world. Rumors suggest that she may have trained with the mythical assassin’s organization, The Voices in the Void, but whether the organization even exists is a mystery. There are whispers that she hails from Dracona, a distant island on the other side of the world, a place that no one from the Archipelago has ever laid eyes upon. Some even suggest that she might be the daughter of the Titan of Night, as her supernatural-like stealth and extraordinary combat skills seem almost otherworldly.

Alongside her lethal profession, Blackjack’s other prominent trait is her insatiable love for money. At any given time, one can find the shrouded and shadowy figure at the Dead Man’s Island Casino. Deeply indebted to the casino and its ruthless owner, Dame Priscilla. It is within the casino’s walls that Blackjack’s addiction to gambling takes hold, and she finds herself locked in a vicious cycle of debt, working off her account as quickly as she accrues it.

Despite having countless enemies across the Archipelago, any negative thoughts about Blackjack conveniently slip away when casino patrons gaze upon the centerpiece—the colossal skeleton of a dragon known as Electus. It is rumored that with the help of Captain Ashar Sharp, the two of them managed to slay the Titan of Fire’s indestructible pet, turning it into a dazzling decoration for the casino. While most would view this as a heroic deed, few consider the possibility that Blackjack might have simply had a debt to pay.



  • Embrace the shadows! Stand still for 3 seconds to blend into stealth. Whether you move, attack, or take damage, you’ll emerge from the shadows, but with the wind at your heels, granting you a 30% speed surge for 3 seconds.

Fan of Knives

  • Show them the dance of death! Cast forth a trio of daggers in a cone, each one dealing 8 damage and applying Lacerate to those it hits, setting the stage for their doom.

Hook Pull

  • Cast your hook with precision! If it strikes an opponent, stun them as you pull yourself toward them, your scythe dealing 5 damage and applying 1 stack of Lacerate. You can also use this on terrain for swift traversal, becoming a whisper on the wind.


  • Become a relentless storm! For 5 seconds, your attacks can stack Lacerate up to 5 times on your enemies. Upon the fifth stack, unleash a tempest, consuming all stacks to deal 40 burst damage and conclude the effect.

Blood Reaper Scythe

  • Sweep your scythe in a deadly arc, dealing 10 damage to all in its path and regaining 5/10/20/30 HP for each stack of Lacerate on your targets, devouring the stacks in a crimson feast.

Assassin’s Grace

  • Dash 5 times, each swing of your scythe dealing 7 damage and applying a stack of Lacerate. With each elegant motion, make your enemies dance to the tune of their demise.

Smoke Bomb

  • Toss a smoke bomb at your feet, cloaking you in stealth for 4 seconds while you move unseen. Your speed is boosted by 30% in the first second, and taking damage won’t reveal you. However, after the first second, any damage or ability use will. Emerging from stealth silences your victim for 0.5 seconds, stealing their breath away.

– Helios Ice Oracle

Helios, now known as the Ice Oracle, is undead, one of the Titan of Death’s cosmic jokes. Driven by his quest to capture a crystal with the unparalleled power of the sun, a human named Henrick is instead killed and revived by Death, whose juvenile tendencies find humor in resurrection and animation. The lands of Hell, once lush and green, have become a wasteland of Death’s pranks and misdeeds, unlivable and filled with havoc. Henrick, now Helios, is a child of this Hell.

In ancient times, the mountain man Henrick set out to find the legendary Crystal of the Sun. Henrick, then an apprentice magician, studied maps and sailed the seas for his whole life to find this crystal, rumored to be able to capture and amplify the power of sun rays a thousandfold. Despite a lifetime of expeditions, Henrick was unable to find any whisper of the crystal except for one rumor of a shining mountain in the lands of Hell—somewhere from which few, if any, sailors return. As his youth and vitality slowly ebbed with age, Henrick decided to undertake the quest on his own, setting sail for Hell on a small ship.

The mountain of legend did exist, looming twice as high as any other on earth. Henrick scaled it, digging through heavy snows and trekking past cloud cover, encouraged by the sight of a gleaming peak that shone as brightly as a star. At its zenith, however, he was disappointed to find nothing but a block of ice diffracting the sun’s rays. Exhausted and angry, Henrick struck the ice block, unwittingly triggering Death’s latest trick; he was instantly frozen in place, unable to move.

Hundreds of years later, the Titan of Death leisurely finds his way to his prank trap, something he has always envisioned as a false enticement to humanity. Upon discovering a frozen Henrick, however, Death is deeply impressed by the commitment of the man and revives him as one of his undead progeny—but unlike the others, Henrick is granted the powers of ice and eternal wisdom, a gift to acknowledge his grit and strong will.

The newly awakened and immortal Helios now must travel the world, seeking his body’s new limits and providing others with the answers—and powers—they seek. However, he is unable to find the answers to his own life’s questions with his new gifts, so he continues to quest, still searching for the power of the sun and discovering new horizons.



  • Spells you cast can apply Frostbite stacks on your enemies. At 3 stacks, they are rooted for 1 second.

Frost Bolt

  • Unleash an icy projectile, piercing the air to deal moderate damage and apply a Frostbite stack on struck enemies.

Ice Crush

  • Invoke the power of frost to summon a massive first of ice from above, devastating foes with massive damage in a small area of effect.

Cone of Cold

  • Blast foes with a freezing gale, dealing massive damage at melee range, diminishing to low damage at the cone’s edge. Affected enemies are slowed for a short period and receive a stack of Frostbite.

Path of Frost

  • Glide swiftly in a line, filling the ground in ice while dealing low damage and applying a Frostbite stack to enemies in your path. The icy trail slows enemies  and turns water into walkable ice for 8 seconds.

Ice Cocoon

  • Seek refuge in a frozen sanctuary, restoring a portion of your health over time.


  • Channel a relentless storm of ice and snow, ravaging the area for moderate damage every second, a 20% slow, and adding a stack of Frostbite each second to those caught in the tempest.


Prepare to hoist the sails, gather your crew, and set sail on an exhilarating voyage into an Adventure MOBA teeming with untold riches and unparalleled glory. The allure of treasures and the promise of thrilling adventures await those brave enough to embark on the captivating odyssey within the pirate universe of Golden Tides. We at TAGInk have a huge love of MOBA and Pirate themed games and expect to be taking part regularly in any Golden Tides tournaments! See you on the high seas!

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