SplinterForge is a new game on hive, that utilizes the same cards you are currently using to play Splinterlands. You can log in using Hive Keychain to get a sneak peek of the game. It will give you a good idea of what to expect when you enter Play2Earn mode.

Click here for our article on how to get set up with Hive Keychain.

The game has been launched on Hive-Engine/Tribaldex with three in-game currencies available: FORGE (Forgium), CRATE (equipment pack), and BAG (enhancement pack).

Users who participated in the alpha phase of the game received an airdrop of FORGE tokens on Hive-Engine. Currently, FORGE tokens can be purchased on Hive-Engine or earned by playing in team-sponsored Splinterlands Tournaments.

What is Splinterforge?

SplinterForge is a Boss fight game that lets you use your Splinterlands NFTs in a whole different way.

  • You are the Hero that leads your team of summoners and monster into battle!
  • Use your collection of Splinterlands cards to form an unstoppable team!
  • Fight Bosses with varying abilities! Collect powerful equipment, magical gems and runes to upgrade your heroes!
  • Get Forgium (FORGE) for fighting bosses and finishing on the leaderboard when the boss finally falls!

Game updates

Official updates for Splinterforge can be found on their discord.

Presale and Marketplace

For more information on the presale see here.

The marketplace for the game will be Splex. Splex and Splinterforge have collaborated to bring a fully-featured market where players can sell their Splinterforge items in a trustless way. The market can be accessed at https://splex.gg/sf/market and has been designed to look and feel similar to the Splinterlands market, making it easy to use for most players. The market also has filtering options that allow players to display only items they own or have listed for sale, making it a useful collection page as well.

The Splinterforge market is scheduled to open on Thursday, March 2, 2023, at 8:00 PM for listing cards, and cards can be purchased starting at 9:00 PM. To celebrate the grand opening of the market, the Splinterforge team did a giveaway for market participants.

The Splinterforge Market Launch Giveaway came to a close and the winners have been announced. After carefully analyzing the data and generating random times, the team announced the champions:
• The first person to buy 500k $FORGE worth of cards goes to jeffopenscards.
• The first person to sell 500k $FORGE worth of cards goes to marcurio

Both Splex and Splinterforge have expressed excitement at expanding their partnership to provide more trustless tools to players. They are eager to see the growth of Splinterforge and are looking forward to player feedback.

If you are looking to get started for FREE in Splinterlands and Splinterforge check out this tutorial.

Stay tuned to TAGDesk for our upcoming guide on how to play: https://linktr.ee/TAGDesk

Update: Check our Splinterforge gameplay guide: https://tagdesk.org/splinterforge-early-gameplay-guide/

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