Undead Blocks is Set to Launch Daily Earnings Mode for Weapon NFT Holders Starting February 28th, all Weapon NFT holders will get to earn Gold and Standard ZBUX tokens whenever they mow down zombies in Undead Blocks.

Undead Blocks is Set to Launch Daily Earnings Mode for Weapon NFT HoldersNEWS Soon, NFT weapon owners will be able to earn Gold ZBUX from Undead Blocks Undead Blocks, a zombies survival blockbuster by Wagyu Games, is looking to launch the daily earnings mode for its NFT weapon holders.

Starting February 28th, as long as you own a Weapon Loadout from the Genesis or Apocalypse collection, you will earn Gold and Standard ZBUX tokens upon killing zombies in the game. This marks a huge step forward for Undead Blocks, as it will launch its first play-to-earn (P2E) mechanic after a year of beta testing.

Free-to-play users will only get to earn Standard ZBUX, a virtual currency attached to players’ accounts. Standard ZBUX can be redeemed for loot coffins that may contain NFTs, while Gold ZBUX can be used to purchase exclusive weapon and character skins or swapped for the cryptocurrency of players’ choice.

How P2E works in Undead Blocks At launch, free players can earn Standard ZBUX while playing in Solo or Duos mode. Whenever a zombies gets killed, there is a chance that a ZBOX drops on top of the dead zombies, containing a random amount of Standard ZBUX. The higher the round, the better the chance for a ZBOX drop. In Duos mode, the Standard ZBUX is split 50-50 between players.

Those who own a Weapon Loadout NFT can join the daily earnings mode in Solo instead. If you play this mode, you will earn Standard ZBUX at a boosted rate and Gold ZBUX from ZBOXes. A renting feature will be made available so players can rent NFT weapons to play and earn Gold ZBUX on a profit-sharing basis.

Once the P2E Solo and free multiplayer modes have been thoroughly tested, the team will introduce a multiplayer version for NFT holders of Undead Blocks. This will allow players to team up with their friends and earn even more ZBUX as they take on hordes of zombies together. Additionally, the team is also planning to introduce new types of zombies and weapons to the game, keeping things fresh and exciting for players.

Another exciting feature that will be introduced is the ability for players to create their own custom maps and game modes using the in-game map editor. This will allow players to create unique and challenging experiences for themselves and others to enjoy.

Finally, the team is also working on adding more social features to the game, such as the ability to form clans and compete against other players in tournaments and events. This will allow players to connect and collaborate with one another, creating a vibrant and active community around the game.

Overall, the introduction of the P2E mechanic in Undead Blocks is a significant step forward for the game and the wider NFT gaming community. It demonstrates the potential for NFTs to be used as a form of in-game currency and provides an exciting new way for players to earn cryptocurrency while playing their favorite games.

Undead Blocks is a unique and exciting game that combines traditional zombies games with the added thrill of owning and selling unique digital assets. With the introduction of the P2E mechanic, the game is set to become even more popular among players and investors alike. Make sure to check out the official post here for more information and to join in on the fun.

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