In the ever-evolving horror FPS genre, where creativity knows no bounds, a captivating game has emerged on Steam and Epic, that beckons players into a world of boundless possibilities and uncharted demonic realms. This game, known as “The Bornless,” has been picking up a lot of traction, as players worldwide helped it soar to the top of the Steam Free to play Trending Upcoming tab.

Steam Charts

TAGDesk has covered The Bornless previously, back when the game was on Unreal Engine 4. Since then the game has seen major improvements including an engine upgrade to Unreal Engine 5. The article, titled “A Monstrous Evolution The Bornless,” provides a foundational glimpse into the game’s origins and its early impact, setting the stage for the captivating journey that The Bornless continues to offer.

Mythos Creator Program Unveiled

Exciting news for all creators, influencers, and streamers, The Bornless has announced it will run a Creator program. The details of which can be found here:
Accepted participants can expect rare exclusive skins, first access to playtests, and much more.


The Bornless’s Steam Playtest

The servers opened on the 27th of October and closed on the 29th of October. They will open again on the 31st for Halloween. Meaning you only have one day left to play! You can apply for access here:

New Map for the Arena Game Mode

To accompany the Steam based playtests and generate extra excitement The Bornless has unveiled a brand new map for the Arena game mode to ramp up the excitement. Players had a taste of the “Sideshow” map before, and now they’re in for a thrilling journey to “Chthonic”



Bornless Playable Game Modes:

Arena Mode

Arena mode thrusts you into a crucible of skill and reflexes, where you’ll face off against formidable opponents in fast-paced, close-quarters combat. It’s a nerve-wracking 2v2 showdown, where every decision counts, and your survival hinges on your wit and reflexes.

Titan Mode

In Titan Mode, you step into the shoes of a colossal, demonic being, wielding unimaginable power to conquer the vast, sprawling landscapes. Your objective? To ascend to the pinnacle of godhood by outsmarting and overpowering the human team in a breathtaking battle for supremacy.

Titan Mode – Pick your Poison: Human Team or Demon?

Human Team

The Human Team, comprised of mortal souls who’ve ventured into this enigmatic realm, brings resilience and adaptability to the forefront. Their physical form may be fragile, but their ingenuity and resourcefulness are boundless. With diverse backgrounds and experiences, they showcase exceptional teamwork and strategic thinking. Humans often excel in magic of a versatile nature, and their ability to learn quickly in the face of adversity gives them a dynamic edge.

Demon Team

Conversely, the Demon player epitomizes the raw power of the infernal domain. These beings, born of the demonic realm, wield destructive and chaotic might with supernatural grace. Their forms are as diverse as their abilities, ranging from towering brutes to cunning shapeshifters. The first Demon we get to try in The Bornless is Botis. A giant Amazonian-like snake! Fleeing from her is terrifying.

Titan Mode Map

The Titan mode takes place on Mboi Tava, a jungle map with megalithic and monolithic carved temples. There is a cover for Botis everywhere as the snake’s camouflaged pattern blends in with the bushes, trees, and rivers.

Titan Game Mode Guide

Titan maps are specific to each demon, the exact way to beat each demon on each different map may not be the same. That being said here is the basic guide for the Botis Titan map Mboi Tava.

There are clutches of eggs scattered around the map. The players must destroy the eggs, Botis must stop them and put the players in his pit. Sounds simple but playing both roles is a challenge while you first learn the positions of the eggs and how to control Botis well.

What comes next for The Bornless? Steam, Epic and beyond

As anticipation builds, we here at TAGDesk are also eagerly awaiting the introduction of Horde and Ritual modes in future playtests, promising even more excitement and challenges for The Bornless enthusiasts. Stay tuned for a thrilling future in the world of The Bornless!

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