MAYG is a turn based game that is heavy on lore, and really sets the stage for the world it’s characters are fighting in. “My Angry Yakuza Girlfriend,” presents an immersive narrative that intertwines love, violence, and the relentless pursuit of power. Embark on an extraordinary journey alongside Miki-San, a captivating character who embodies both opulence and unyielding determination.

Meet Miki-San: An Unlikely Heiress

Allow us to introduce you to Miki-San, a woman whose life embodies a compelling duality. Born and raised amidst the grandeur of Tokyo’s high society, specifically in the illustrious Ginza District, Miki-San has been nurtured in a world of luxury. Yet, beneath the veneer of opulence lies a legacy intertwined with danger, intrigue, and an unexpected inheritance.

The richest Oyabun Yakuza boss in Japan, Miki-San’s grandfather, has defied tradition and convention by choosing her as the heiress to his criminal empire. This audacious decision has sent ripples through the criminal underworld, sparking a maelstrom of envy, resentment, and ambition among his rivals.

Love, Loyalty, and the Ultimate Test

At the heart of this gripping narrative lies a love story that defies the odds. Miki-San’s true love, the player, has become ensnared in a web of intrigue orchestrated by her adversaries. Kidnapped and held hostage, you find yourself at the center of a high-stakes power struggle that tests the boundaries of love and loyalty.

As Miki-San, the tenacious heiress, embarks on a perilous journey to reclaim her beloved, the stage is set for an explosive confrontation between passion and power. The unfolding drama navigates the intricate interplay of tradition, ambition, and an unwavering commitment to love.

The Unstoppable Force of Love and Vengeance

In “My Angry Yakuza Girlfriend,” you assume the role of a protagonist who is far from helpless. You understand that Miki-San’s love for you is an unbreakable bond that transcends all obstacles. No matter the odds stacked against her – whether it’s thugs, gangsters, or assassins – Miki-San is an unstoppable force driven by the unwavering belief that “love never fails.”

Prepare for a riveting turn based gameplay experience that mirrors the intensity of the narrative. Navigate a world where love and violence coexist, where the pursuit of power is tempered by an indomitable spirit, and where each moment brings you closer to a climax that defies expectations.

The Vision

My Angry Yakuza’s vision is a multifaceted and ambitious one. First and foremost, they aim to create a gaming experience that is genuinely accessible to all, breaking down barriers and ensuring that competitiveness is open to everyone, regardless of their background or skill level. Beyond just being a game, My Angry Yakuza envisions an expansive intellectual property that stretches across multiple games, delving into the realms of luxury, art, and entertainment. They’re committed to forging a strong alignment between the interests of gamers and developers, fostering a sense of trust and collaboration within their community. Moreover, My Angry Yakuza’s vision extends to celebrating the strength of women, promoting the courage to love, and embracing the power to overcome obstacles in the world of gaming, thereby fostering a more inclusive and diverse gaming community.

But what about the Gameplay?

Example: In the video above from Gaspode you can get a brief overview of the game and a look at the unique turn based gameplay. Bear in mind this was a very early build and there have been a lot of updates since then.

What genre is it? Turn Based

MAYG distinguishes itself within the gaming world by blending various genres into a truly unique experience. While it identifies as a 3D multiplayer tactical shooter, it also incorporates a turn based element that harkens back to classics like Worms 3D or XCOM, but with a twist where you assume the role of an Angry Yakuza Girlfriend. Although I had a brief opportunity to try out Game Mode One – ONE MOVE – ONE SHOT, I have yet to explore Game Mode Two, which offers an Unrestricted Time-Based experience. TAGInk is eagerly awaiting the chance to dive deeper into MAYG.

The game uses a wide array of whacky and outlandish weapons for the players to cause carnage with, setting it aside from others in the genre who often look to be more serious.

Checking up on the current state of the game here, you can see the absolute carnage caused by ProfPressure in a recent match from the Alpha.

What is coming next for MAYG?

The Alpha test period concluded in Sept. To wrap up the successful testing period MAYG dropped a Beta Development Update, you can check it below.

Make sure to join their Discord and get signed up for future tests!

Connect with MAYG

MAYG Turn based 3D game

Prepare to become immersed in the gripping tale of “My Angry Yakuza Girlfriend” and join a community that appreciates the intricate balance between love and power:



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