Skyweaver, a popular NFT game, has announced the upcoming launch of a new feature called Skypass. The game, which is free-to-play, has seen steady growth in the P2E market thanks to its unique features and is built on the Polygon network. The game centers around earning, gaining, and trading cards and has gained a large following despite facing competition from other companies. On January 6, 2022, the company announced that Skypass will be rolling out soon, with each pass lasting for 28 days. Players also have the option to purchase the premium version for 14.95 USD, which increases the chances of better rewards.

What is Skypass?

Skypass is a new battle pass feature for the game Skyweavers, which allows players to earn rewards by reaching milestones. It is a new addition to the game’s progression system and players will be able to earn reward packs as they progress through the game. As per the information provided by Skyweaver, the Skypass feature will offer a variety of rewards such as Hexbound invasion cards and many other packs. Additionally, players will be able to earn rewards at every level-up during the season.

Skyweaver makes it easy for players to access and claim rewards from the Skypass feature. To view your progress and rewards, players can simply click on the Skypass icon located on the top right of the menu. Once there, players can claim any unlocked rewards by clicking on the “claim rewards” button.

One of the benefits of Skypass is that players can earn rewards at the beginning of each season, even if they have not progressed to higher levels. Additionally, players have the option to purchase a premium pass, which allows them to unlock rewards faster and more efficiently.

The Skypass event lasts for one season, which is 28 days long. Players can purchase the premium pass at any point during the season. If players do not claim their rewards as they accumulate, they will be automatically claimed at the end of the season.

How to get the most from the Skypass

To maximize the benefits of Skypass in Skyweaver, players can follow these tips:

  1. Play the game regularly: The more time spent in the game, the more progress players will make in the Skypass tab and the more rewards they will unlock.
  2. Purchase the premium pass: The premium pass allows players to unlock rewards faster and also trade them for extra cards.
  3. Participate in tournaments: Skyweaver hosts weekly tournaments where players can earn extra rewards and climb the leaderboard.
  4. Complete daily quests: Players can also earn rewards by completing daily quests and challenges within the game.
  5. Monitor the leaderboard: Keep an eye on the leaderboard and aim to increase your ranking to earn better rewards.
  6. Keep an eye on the updates: The company plans to add more features and rewards in the future, so stay informed and take advantage of new opportunities as they arise.

About Skyweaver

Skyweaver is a blockchain-based trading card game developed by Horizon, which allows players to collect, trade, and sell NFT cards. The game operates on the Layer 2 Ethereum Polygon network. Players can strategize and create decks of NFT cards to become legendary Skyweaver. The game’s private beta was launched in 2021 and the open beta version was made available to everyone in early 2022. The game gained immense popularity and began hosting weekly tournaments. Players can participate in the game for free and earn rewards based on their ranking on the leaderboard.


How to sign up

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1) Enter your email
2) Open your inbox and click the link in the confirmation email to sign in to Sequence
3) Allow Skyweaver to connect to your Sequence wallet
4) Enter a username
5) Accept the Terms of Use
6) Play

* The login flow will be different with a social login.  

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