In the world of card battlers, it’s hard not to compare new titles to the acclaimed Slay the Spire. Recently, I reviewed Evertwine, which drew some comparisons to the genre-defining game. However, I’ve just had the chance to try out Knights of the Ether: Blightfell, and I would say it perhaps has even more in common with Slay the Spire, making it a must-play for fans of the genre.

Knights of the Ether: Blightfell is a strategic card battler set in a vibrant, well-designed universe. The game is built on the Arbitrum blockchain and is part of the Treasure DAO ecosystem, ensuring a decentralized and community-driven experience. With its engaging mechanics and immersive world, Knights of the Ether is quickly becoming a favorite among card game enthusiasts.

The gameplay in Blightfell is intuitive and offers deep strategic possibilities. As you progress through the game, you’ll build a powerful deck of cards, each with unique abilities and synergies. The game’s rogue-like elements keep each playthrough fresh, making it hard to put down.

There are shrines to heal at, marketplaces to buy trinkets, potions and upgrade cards at. The depth, mechanics, difficulty scaling and replayability are good, but will improve with more class types, cards and trinkets to choose from.

TAGInk are excited to announce that we’ll be streaming Knights of the Ether on our Twitch and YouTube channels and may even host tournaments for it in the future. This is a game we’re genuinely passionate about, and we can’t wait to share our enthusiasm with our community. We recently did a give away for our community and @nyawkikk was the winner.

It’s worth noting that the Knight NFTs are on the Ethereum blockchain, and are available for purchase on OpenSea.

The Knights of the Ether team also has a second game called Squires, built on the Arbitrum blockchain. Players will need to bridge their Ethereum assets to the Arbitrum network to mint and trade Squires assets, which offers faster and cheaper transactions. TAGDesk will be releasing a tutorial soon to guide players through the bridging process. In addition, TAGDesk will explore Squires and its integration with Blightfell, the sister game of Knights of the Ether, providing a deeper understanding of the expanding universe and its potential for players.

For those curious about trying the game, Blightfell will soon be offering a free-to-play test mode. This is a fantastic opportunity for players to get a taste of the game before fully committing. Keep an eye out for updates on the free test mode’s release, as you won’t want to miss it! The best place to stay up to date on all things Knights of the Ether is on their Discord. You can also see our recent stream of the game below.

In conclusion, Knights of the Ether is an exciting card battler that draws inspiration from Slay the Spire while offering its own unique twists. As part of the Treasure DAO and with a free-to-play test mode on the horizon, this game has a bright future ahead. If you’re a fan of strategic card games, be sure to give Knights of the Ether a try and join us at TAGInk as we stream and potentially host tournaments for this amazing game.

Stay tuned to TAGDesk as we will be doing a deeper dive into the other games in the Treasure DAO ecosystem in the coming days and weeks.

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