Evertwine: A Spiraling Adventure Worthy of Comparison to Slay the Spire

As a fan of deck-building games, I couldn’t resist diving into Evertwine, a game that has drawn comparisons to the critically acclaimed Slay the Spire. In this review, I’ll be sharing my experience with Evertwine and how it stacks up against Slay the Spire.

At first glance, Evertwine’s visuals and art style are a treat for the eyes. The game’s graphics are polished and colorful, showcasing a blend of hand-drawn aesthetics and magical flair that make the game world feel alive. Though Slay the Spire has a distinct art style of its own, Evertwine’s vibrant world certainly caught my attention.

When it comes to gameplay, Evertwine follows a similar formula: players traverse through a series of battles, acquiring new cards and upgrading their deck as they progress. The core mechanics will feel familiar to those who have played Slay the Spire.

While Slay the Spire offers four distinct characters with their playstyles, Evertwine boasts a wider variety of playable heroes. Each hero possesses unique abilities and strategies that cater to different gaming preferences, which I found refreshing and engaging. It’s hard not to appreciate the creativity and depth that went into designing each hero, and it’s a definite plus for Evertwine.

One area where Evertwine could learn from Slay the Spire is difficulty scaling. While Slay the Spire masterfully balances difficulty and progression, Evertwine sometimes feels a bit too punishing, especially for newcomers to the genre. The tutorial does a good job explaining most things, but much of it is in a text dump format. A slightly upgraded, more interactive tutorial will be important to onboarding new users.

Evertwine’s soundtrack is another aspect that sets it apart from Slay the Spire. With its enchanting tunes and atmospheric melodies, the music complements the game’s aesthetic and creates an immersive gaming experience.

One important thing to note about Evertwine is that it is currently in early access and available to play for free, by downloading via the games Discord. As with any early access game, it’s important to keep in mind that the developers are actively working on improvements and updates based on player feedback. This means that while the game is already enjoyable, it’s likely to see even more improvements in the future.

If you’re interested in following the progress of Evertwine or providing feedback to the developers, you can find their Discord here. It’s always great to see developers who are open to feedback and engaging with their community, and it bodes well for the future of the game.

In conclusion, Evertwine is a worthy addition to the deck-building genre, and it holds its own against Slay the Spire. The diverse hero roster, and captivating art and music make it a unique experience that fans of the genre should not miss. While it could benefit from a more interactive tutorial, Evertwine is an engaging and enjoyable game that I highly recommend to both seasoned players and those new to deck-building games.

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