After releasing the first version of the community proposals system, the Splinterlands team has now revealed an updated roadmap for 2023. The roadmap is split into 3 quarters, with all the contents placed under various categories in order to easily show what parts of the game affect these new changes.

When it comes to the economy of the trading card game, the developers plan on introducing DEC Batteries in the first quarter of this year, which will allow players to earn in-game currency, DEC, by participating in battles and completing daily quests. This will give players more options to earn rewards and build their collections. Additionally, the third quarter is set to include the release of skins and cosmetics, allowing players to customize their cards and make them stand out even more. As for releasing new cards, there are plans to launch Soulbound Reward Cards for the first quarter, which will not be tradable, transferable, burnable, or rentable at launch, but will eventually become unbound once they “go out of print.” This will create a sense of rarity and exclusivity around these new cards, as well as encouraging players to focus on long-term growth and engagement with the game. Rebellion Cards are also planned to be released in the third quarter, with promo card sales set to happen quarterly.

In the Market category, the team has listed Season Rentals for Q1, which will allow players to rent out their cards for a period of time, earning DEC in the process. But also card bundles and SPS delegation rental markets for Q2, which will give players more options to acquire new cards and build their collections. Guilds will be getting the Guild Alliances feature in Q2, which will allow players to team up and collaborate with other players in order to achieve common goals and gain bonuses. An improved tutorial to the game and 1-click Set Rentals are also planned in the same quarter, which will serve as welcome changes that should help in onboarding and introducing more people to the blockchain title.

Other notable changes include introducing new rulesets for ranked battles, which will bring more variety to the game and provide new challenges for players. The team also plans to add a market and interactive map view for Land, which will give players more information and options when it comes to managing their land and interacting with other players.

In addition to these updates, the team has also stated that they will be working on improving the overall user experience and performance of the game. This includes implementing new features such as a replay system and a spectator mode, which will allow players to watch and learn from other players. They also plan to improve the matchmaking system and reduce waiting times for battles.

The Splinterlands team has also highlighted that they will be releasing more details on the new updates and features in the upcoming weeks. This roadmap is exciting news for players of the game, and it will be interesting to see how these changes affect the game and its community. With its innovative use of blockchain technology and its engaging gameplay, Splinterlands continues to be one of the top blockchain games in the market, and it has also been one of the winners of the PlayToEarn Blockchain Game Awards 2022.

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