Legends of Elumia, the Animoca-backed third-person MMORPG, just got an exciting update with the release of its latest beta build. The update brings in new social features aimed at enhancing the overall gameplay experience and promoting social interaction.

One of the key additions is the new user interface screen with four different tabs that give players a quick and convenient way to connect with each other. The Area tab displays a list of all players located within the same location, while the Group tab only shows the players you are currently adventuring within a party led by either you or someone else. Players also have the option to leave the group through this tab. The Friends tab lists all of your in-game friends and their current locations, and the Guild tab shows all the players who are members of the same Guild as you.

The new update also introduces the Guild system, allowing players to create or join Guilds and team up with other players for even more exciting adventures. Every tab displays a player’s level and the name of the Guild they belong to, making it easier to find players who are at a similar level or share your interests.

Get ready to immerse yourself in the world of Legends of Elumia and experience the thrill of adventure with friends and fellow players like never before!

At the time of writing, Legends of Elumia is available in public beta, which requires owning at least 1 Genesis Character in order for you to play.

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