In recent years, we have seen an increase in the popularity of tactical first-person extraction shooter games. Two such games that have garnered significant attention are Escape from Tarkov, and now more recently Deadrop. With immersive gameplay and realistic mechanics, these titles have attracted a loyal following. However, as with many online multiplayer games, cheating has become a significant concern. In this article, we’ll take a look at these two games, the issues surrounding cheating, and how AI anti-cheat technology might be the solution. We’ll also discuss the streaming success of Deadrop, with personalities like Dr Disrespect leading the charge.

Deadrop vs. Escape from Tarkov: A Brief Comparison

Deadrop, a relatively new game in the market, has already managed to captivate audiences with its intense, high-stakes gameplay. In a post-apocalyptic cyberpunkish world, players must navigate the dangerous vertical terrains of the Tower and battle other players to survive or extract. Deadrop’s realistic visuals, engaging mechanics, and strategic elements have quickly made it a popular choice for fans of the genre.

The immediate comparison to draw is Escape from Tarkov. It has been around for a few years and has gained a strong following among hardcore gamers. Set in the fictional city of Tarkov, players must fight their way through an intense conflict between private military companies. With realistic weapon mechanics and a focus on tactical gameplay, Escape from Tarkov offers a unique experience for fans of the genre.

Cheating Concerns in Online Gaming

As with many popular online games, both Deadrop and Escape from Tarkov have faced issues with cheating. Cheaters use a variety of methods, such as aimbots, wallhacks, and speed hacks, to gain an unfair advantage over other players. This creates a frustrating experience for regular gamers who want to enjoy the games as they were intended to be played. Many have pointed out cheating could be worse and more catastrophic with money on the line.

AI Anti-Cheat: A Possible Solution

To combat the types of cheating seen in Deadrop and Escape from Tarkov, a group of devs have been exploring the use of AI-based anti-cheat systems. These systems analyze player behavior and detect patterns associated with cheating, allowing for swift action against those who engage in unfair practices. By leveraging machine learning algorithms, AI anti-cheat technology has the potential to evolve alongside cheat developers, ultimately making it harder for cheaters to exploit the games.

Dr Disrespect and Deadrop’s Streaming Success

Deadrop has been performing exceptionally well in terms of streaming numbers, thanks in part to popular owner Dr Disrespect. Known for his high-energy and entertaining style, Dr Disrespect has been showcasing Deadrop on his streams, drawing in large audiences and helping to boost the game’s popularity. A new dawn of influencer created games is upon us. More news on that coming soon.

Of course there are some equally famous and vocal opponents who also had their say such as moistcr1tikal. Mostly related to the cheating issue touched on earlier.

The Basics: Ammo

Understanding the different types of ammunition available is a straightforward matter. Blue ammunition is intended for use with rifles and LMGs. Red ammunition is for shotguns, while green ammunition is designed for use with pistols and SMGs. Finally, purple ammunition is used for snipers.


The attachment system in the game is relatively straightforward. The various parts are categorized by rank, from 1 to 4. Some of the available attachments include ACOGs, 2x holos, 3x Reflex, 4x, and 8x sights. Additionally, there are laser sights, which come in red, blue, and green. It is possible that there are higher-tier laser sights, although I have not encountered them yet. Other attachments include magazine extenders, as well as some exceptionally rare gun modification parts that I have yet to find.

Armour and Other Essentials

As depicted in the image below, I am donning light armor and a light helmet. However, there are also medium and heavy versions of these protective items available. Similarly, the bags in the game are categorized as small, medium, and large. It is also highly recommended to keep a stash of bandages on hand. Inevitably, you will be shot at some point and will require medical attention.

Interesting and Unique Items

There are several rare and intriguing items that can be discovered within the game. One such item is the spray paint, which allows you to alter the color of your car in the loading screen. Another, even rarer item, is the Obelisk, which is sparsely distributed throughout the map. If you happen to come across one, be sure to extract it.

Whilst an exact use for some of these items has not been found yet, users have had great fun speculating.

There are also 20 comics to collect. I just keep finding repeats of issue 11 though.


It is also possible to obtain these variant tags by looting them from the corpses of other players. However, as of yet, there is no known practical use for them. It seems that, for now, they simply serve as a means of showing off or boasting.

Wait Times

I want to inform you that the matchmaking system has been updated recently, which may result in longer wait times. However, as I am currently playing in South East Asia during an early playtest, this delay is expected. On average, a match can still be found within three minutes, although this particular instance was rare.

Catch Upcoming Streams and Content

If you’re interested in keeping up with the latest developments in Deadrop there are plenty of online platforms where you can watch gameplay, reviews, and more. Check out upcoming streams and content on our and YouTube. Also check out @ProfPressure streams on Youtube and Kick.


As the popularity of tactical first-person shooters like Deadrop and Escape from Tarkov continues to grow, developers must tackle the ongoing issue of cheating to ensure a fair and enjoyable gaming experience for all players. AI anti-cheat systems hold great promise in addressing these concerns and maintaining the integrity of these games. In the meantime, gamers can enjoy the thrilling experiences offered by Deadrop and Escape from Tarkov while staying informed about the latest developments by following content creators and streamers on platforms like TAGInk Kick and YouTube.

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