Blast Royale represents a Battle Royale game catered specifically to the Play and Earn generation. It offers fast-paced, thrilling gameplay, prioritizing player engagement and the opportunity to earn money while immersed in the experience. With a team boasting a collective 100+ years of experience and a strong track record in game development, the creators aim to introduce high-quality games that provide both entertainment and earning potential within the Play and Earn landscape.


The game has already generated significant interest, capturing attention for its gameplay, the talented team behind it, and the exciting roadmap that lies ahead. While further details will be shared on the official Medium in the coming months, those who are eager can explore the game’s website and white paper for a preliminary glimpse.

Within the map of Blast Royale, players will encounter various buildings that provide cover and tactical advantages. However, the true treasures lie within the color-coded crates scattered throughout. These crates represent the rarity of the equipment they hold, offering players a chance to upgrade their arsenal and gain a competitive edge.

The core stats in Blast Royale revolve around shield, health, and ammo, which play a crucial role in surviving the intense battles. The game boasts an array of weapons, including iconic favorites like shotguns, pistols, and sniper rifles, alongside more distinctive choices such as the crossbow. To ensure versatility and strategic decision-making, all weapons in Blast Royale share the same ammo pool. Additionally, each weapon comes with two special abilities, ranging from grenades and nukes to shields and dashes, allowing players to adapt their tactics and surprise opponents.

With a diverse range of equipment, strategic crate looting, and a dynamic map layout, Blast Royale offers players the opportunity to devise unique playstyles and capitalize on advantageous encounters. Adapt your loadout, seize powerful weapons, and unleash devastating specials as you strive to outmaneuver and outgun your opponents in the quest for victory.

Game Modes

The game offers players three distinct gameplay modes: casual, ranked, and custom games. The inclusion of a custom game mode provides an excellent opportunity for community engagement and player-driven experiences. Currently, the game features a single map with diverse biomes, ensuring that gameplay remains fresh and exciting even after multiple rounds.

Upon selecting a mode and equipping your character, the next crucial decision is where to land. With 50 players competing against each other, the objective is to outlast all others as the map gradually shrinks with an enclosing circle. This dynamic feature forces players into intense encounters, creating a thrilling battle royale experience. While the game currently includes bots to ensure quick matchmaking due to a relatively low player population, encountering other human players adds a whole new level of challenge and excitement to the gameplay.

Blast Royale’s combination of gameplay modes, customizable options, and strategic map mechanics offers players an engaging and ever-evolving experience. Whether you prefer casual matches, competitive ranked play, or creating your own unique challenges through custom games, Blast Royale has something to offer every PvP enthusiast.

Blast Royale: Fueling the Spirit of Competition

At the core of Blast Royale lies a competitive spirit that drives players to strive for excellence. But the game offers much more than just individual prowess; it encompasses a comprehensive ecosystem designed to elevate the competitive experience to new heights.

Trophies: Every player possesses a collection of Trophies, which serves as a measure of their skill and performance in the game. After each ranked match, the trophy count adjusts based on individual performance, enabling players to gauge their standing relative to others. Trophies also impact the Craft Spice pool, which can be explored further on the Craft Spice page.

Leaderboards: Players are ranked based on their Trophy count, with higher Trophies indicating greater achievement. Leaderboard rewards are distributed at specific intervals, taking into account players’ positions and individual progress.

Leagues: To foster long-term progression tied to Trophies, players are placed in various Leagues based on their Trophy count. As players accumulate more Trophies, they ascend to higher Leagues, unlocking greater rewards. However, Trophies can also decrease, ensuring a dynamic and challenging competition. The pinnacle League comprises top-tier Blast Royale players, representing the epitome of skill and achievement.

Championships: By simply participating in the game, all players automatically take part in Championships. Each match contributes a positive score based on individual performance, which accumulates throughout the Championship season. Players are ranked according to their scores, and rewards are distributed at the end of each season. Successful players advance to higher tiers, while underperforming players may move down. The tier of a Championship also influences bonuses granted to other in-game rewards, with higher-tier Championships bestowing greater benefits.

Tournaments: Seasoned players seeking a greater challenge can put their skills to the test in tournaments. Participating players pay an entry fee, pooling the payments into a total prize pool (with a small developer fee deducted). Tournament winners share the prize among themselves, with the top performer receiving the largest reward and earning esteemed recognition.

Guilds Leagues & Tournaments: Emphasizing the joy of teamwork, Blast Royale offers guild functionality, enabling players to compete alongside their guildmates against other guilds. Similar to individual players, guilds have access to Leagues and Tournaments, allowing for collective achievements and friendly rivalries on a larger scale.

Blast Royale caters to the competitive spirit, providing players with a dynamic, multi-faceted system of Trophies, Leaderboards, Leagues, Championships, Tournaments, and guild-based competitions. Whether you prefer to excel individually or seek camaraderie in guild battles, Blast Royale offers a thrilling and immersive competitive experience for all players.


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At TAGDesk we are excited for the future of the game. In the meantime, players are encouraged to buckle up and get ready for an exhilarating journey. Blast Royale promises to deliver a wild and enjoyable ride for champions seeking an adrenaline-filled gaming experience.

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